Franklin School 3rd Grade
Party at Betsy Gensemer's
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Our 50th Reunion

These pictures start with Summit downtown tour and Friday night at the Elks Club, Saturday school tour, Tailgate picnic, home elementary school parties, Saturday night at the Knights of Columbus.  The Sunday brunch is in album #2.

We have pictures from Sue Skiles, Roy Cowan, Maryjean Peterman, Tom Jewett, Carol and Tom Allen.  You can upload your pictures here or email them to Carol.  

We are still looking for more pictures, so send yours!

Callie Dean and Charlie Mixon at Wake Forest College

Post Graduation to 2008

Please submit photos!!!  Be sure to identify people and not just by first names.

6th Grade play 'Aida'; left to right: Kathy Sharpe, Gil Owren, Ed Betts, Judy McFarland & Dick Bechtel (moved)  SEE ME

Brayton School

Kathy Sharpe Zerweck has sent in these two pictures.  If you are a former Brayton-ite, please share your photos.  You can easily upload them or send them in the snail mail to me and I will put them up.
Kindergarten:  L to R:  Frank Barton*, Callie Dean, Edward Otocka, Kathy Braun*, Dick Connell, Larry Withnee*, Tommy Pri

Franklin Elementary School

Please submit your pictures to webmaster (Carol Israel Allen)
Kindergarten Lincoln School: From top left:  Ellis Feibush, Lulu McNair, Romaine McQuarters, Jmmy ?, John Duryee, Edgar?

Lincoln School

As we knew it, Lincoln School was demolished after 1952 sometime.  It was rebuilt in another location (on Woodland Road?) and is now called Lincoln Hubbard School.

Margot Ahlers sent these pictures.  Please let us know who is missing in the captions as she could not recognize everyone.
6th grade class 1st row: Mike Forster, Jimmy Rosa, Jimmy John Tedesco, Edmund Coleman, Catherine Iannello, Mary Ann Mart

Roosevelt Elementary School

Mike Forster submitted the 6th grade picture.  Please send us any that you have in shoe boxes, albums, drawers, etc.  This is a great picture and thanks Mike for sharing.
2nd Grade, Washington ES

Washington Elementary School

These pictures are courtesy of Brant Sayre.  We are missing first and sixth grade.  Does anyone have them???  Can you name the kids in these pictures?  By the way, the pictures cost 35 cents.
Row Six:  Bill Snyder, Louis Johnson, Bob Brewster, Wally Bauer, Ralph Walker, Laurence Armstrong, Bill Wald    Row Five

New Providence Junior High Gradulation

Deputy Sheriff Balph,1966-68, Savannah, GA

New Providence Classmates

If you are a NP classmate, this album is for you.  Send more pics, please!
Tony,Tom Jim & Ray -1957

Summit High School - Volume I


Summit High School -- Volume II


Summit Area

This album contains pictures in the Summit area including Briant Park, Watchung stables, elementary schools, new high school, Overlook, etc.

You can add your pictures to this one. 
Refurbished Summit train station

Downtown Summit 2008

This album contains pictures from downtown only.  Please let me know if you have pictures to add or other information. 
Eddie Betts and Bill Waldau

25th Reunion

These pictures are from Betsy Gensemer Blair's collection.  If you have ones you'd like to add, you can upload your pictures (and save me a lot of tedious work!).  

Can you believe how young we looked in 1983!

First committee meeting.  This is 'T' Formichella

30th Reunion

Did you go?  Did you take pictures?  Would you share them???
Audrey McLeroy and Joe Cherubino

35th Reunion

We're still partying!  

Pictures courtesy of Georgi Conti Weeks.  If you took pictures, can you share them with us???

If you can identify people who are either misidentified, not not identified, I would appreciate hearing from you.
  -- Carol