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the blackboard
This is the place to start your own topics, post questions, comment on reunion plans, or write whatever thoughts you'd put on a blackboard.
Last Post: Nov 20th 2013
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When older is more enjoyable
And now it's our 50th SHS Reunion! Make you feel old? Good, in some ways. What do you remember that can only be enjoyed if you're older?
Last Post: Aug 4th 2008
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What ever happened to ...
Had a friend and want to find out about them? Post their name and have fun seeing the responses. **EXPANDED** to all names on the "MIA" page. ...!Anything! you know or remember about them helps, or guess who else might know them.
Last Post: Sep 18th 2009
# of Topics: 25
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The categories "Reunion Ideas" and "Hey, I went there! You too?" were moved to the Archive page.
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Another reunion????
Would you like another reunion, say one next winter or 55th? We need your feedback!

The biggest "complaint" about our reunion was there wasn't enough time to talk to everyone. Do you think the next reunion should be very unstructured b
Last Post: Feb 20th 2013
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