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Please take the time to enter a condensed version of your life  highlighting events over the last 50 years. There is also a page for memories and we hope you will jot down your own for all of us to enjoy.   Those memories connect us.


Pictures are also important.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Please share them with us by e-mail.  Or mail your hard copies to Doug or Bob who will scan them and send them back.


To make it fun for all of us, we need to hear from each and everyone of you….  After reading these bios, won't you write yours and either send it to Doug or Bob or upload it yourself.  We all are so curious to hear from you!!!  – 

This is our virtual reunion site and we hope you enjoy learning about the lives of your friends  It is especially important for all our classmates who were unable to attend the last reunion to update their information.  So please put your bio information up for all of us to read.

Doug and Bob

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Susan Fletcher (Witzell)
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5085489331 archivist www.woodsholemuseum.org Married
We moved to Summit in 1952 and I attended Jefferson School for part of 6th grade before going to Junior and Senior high. I went to Milwaukee-Downer College after graduating in 1958 and majored in art and art history. I won the Elizabeth Richardson Art Award my sophomore year for the best painting in the school. After graduating in 1962 I returned to Summit and moved to New York City where I worked for 10 years as an art and photo editor at 3 major book publishers: Harcourt, Brace & World, Macmillan Company and Holt, Rinehart & Winston. I also worked at Magnum Photos where I was the assistant director of the photo library. I attended NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts as well as SUNY-Buffalo for graduate work in art history.
            In 1972 I moved to Woods Hole, Massachusetts and eventually began working at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as an electronics draftsman. I went to sea for some months in 1973, working in the Azores area on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, developing underwater film. All in all, I worked at WHOI for 17 years and met my husband Nick there. We married in 1976 and built our house in Falmouth in 1977. Nick, a Woods Hole native, was an electronics engineer who worked in acoustics, building many oceanographic instruments over the years and going to sea with them. He spent a lot of time at sea and traveled the world on his way to and from cruises. He retired from WHOI in 2008.
            In 1990 I lost my job at WHOI and in 1992 I began volunteering at the Woods Hole Historical Museum as well as getting paid as a librarian at the adjacent Woods Hole Library. My work in the archives at the Museum became a full-time job; I have been the archivist and a curator there for 26 years, creating many exhibits and working on historical publications. In 1998 I and two other authors published New England Views: The Photography of Baldwin Coolidge (1845-1928). Coolidge was a prominent Boston photographer who did a lot of work in Woods Hole, the Vineyard, Nantucket and other parts of New England. The Museum has always had a robust publishing program and many of its books have won design prizes, as this one did. I have also written on a number of other historical subjects related to Woods Hole history. In 1972 I had abandoned painting and became a photographer, a serious interest over many years. I have published a number of books of my photography with Blurb, an online high quality publishing/printer.
            Almost 78 years old, still working, and also enjoying my home in the woods, the wildlife around it, gardening, and doing photography.
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Doug Woodring
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3304262099 retired Married 4

After "THEN":
     I went to Dartmouth College, with Ted Judson. After college Callie Dean and I married and moved into student housing at Rutgers.  Five
years and a doctorate later we left for Ann Arbor, MI. I taught and researched freshwater and math ecology. Callie raised three kids and learned pottery. After several years we bought a house in New Zealand and I left the University. But we didn't go. Instead we worked from our Ann Arbor home, making and selling pottery and enjoying the kids.
     Four years later we went our separate ways, Callie with our two girls and I with our son. I remarried, taught and farmed, and developed a
fascination with what was then the infancy of personal computing. Two years later I started work as a computer scientist. Over the next five years I programmed the machines that measure gas mileage for EPA stickers on new cars. Then another separation.
     My son and I moved to Cape Cod, where I spent the next three years programming and doing restoration carpentry. Then back to Ann Arbor
where I resumed my consulting work with EPA, but doing math modeling of Great Lakes pollution. After a couple more years enjoying single life, I married Carol (now twenty years) and settled on Grosse Ile, an island at the west end of L. Erie, the site of the EPA research station. Having done with ten years of pollution research for EPA, Carol and I camped out for three months on family forest/farm property in eastern Ohio and built a simple home in the woods. For a while Carol continued with her travel consulting and I did research from home for NASA, the Air Force and Army. Now we just take care of our forty acres, do gardening, and play with six grandchildren. Lots to do!

Before "NOW":
     I love music, all kinds, and have a computer/keyboard system that's fun to play with. I like to invent and build things. I love quiet and natural
surroundings -- living in the woods suits me. Carol and I co-founded a nature conservancy for Grosse Ile. We like adventure travel. Between the two of us we've been all over the US, Canada, the Carribean, Central America and Europe. I was in Russia two months before Yeltsin sank the USSR. Carol recently spent time in Africa and has gone up the Amazon. I think the world and its living things are neat. I study as much as I can about what's out there and how it works.
     So that's what's been moulding me between SHS and now. Given these assets, the end game looks good.

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Robert Brewster
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Retired Married 2

After Summit High School, I went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY for two years and then transferred to Babson College in Wellesley Hills, MA.  In my senior year, I met Valerie at Babson in the musical “Oklahoma”.   I graduated from Babson in 1963 with a BS in Accounting and went to work for the CPA firm, Arthur Young & Co. Valerie graduated from Newton College of the Sacred Heart in 1966 with a BA in Psychology and went to work for AT&T.

Valerie and I got married in September 1965.  Our son Michael was born in 1969 and our daughter Suzanne was born in 1970.  Both Mike and Sue went to Cornell University for their undergraduate degrees. 


After graduation, Mike worked for a few years and then attended Kellogg Graduate School (at Northwestern University) to get his MBA in Marketing.  He married Dawn Mc Dermott of Summit, NJ and they have two children: Gene age 17 and Lindsey age 8. He works for a regional CPA firm here in NJ as Director of Marketing and Dawn works for a consulting firm, also in marketing.


Sue worked a few years after graduation and then went to University of Massachusetts Medical School to become a pediatrician.  She married John Duval of Andover, MA, who she met at Cornell.  Sue and John have three children: Marion age 10, Abby age 7, and James 6.  Sue practices medicine in MA and John is a computer programmer.


After AT&T, Val taught learning disabled children in grade and middle school and later was a TV director at TV-36 in Summit.  She was also on the Board of the local United Way. 


I began at Arthur Young in June of 1963 and was an Auditor for 6 years.  A few of my clients were RCA, Western Electric and Hooker Chemical. For the next 8 years I was a systems consultant designing and implementing accounting and cost accounting systems for clients including AMF, Harley Davidson and Fruit of the Loom.   After working those 14 years with clients, I became the firm’s Director of International Finance.  For the next 9 years I traveled around the world including trips to Southeast Asia, South America and Europe.


I spent the remainder of my career in our National Office, first as Director of Finance until the merger with Ernst & Whinney in 1989 when the firm became Ernst & Young. As Director of Finance, I was responsible for the firm’s Payroll, Retirement, Accounting and Partnership Departments.  After the merger announcement, I became responsible for the development and implementation of the firm’s on-line real-time partnership systems.  In addition I worked with our Partners to provide them with financial and retirement information until my own retirement in July 2002 with 39 years of service.


Since retirement, we built a house in Florida after Hurricane Charley destroyed the house we purchased in 2003.  Val and I spend our winters in Florida, our summers on LBI and our holidays with our children and grandchildren. Val likes to quilt and go to the beach.  We both like sailing and we race our Mariner sail boat together.  Each year our grandchildren spend time with us on LBI.  We go to the beach, amusement park and play miniature golf with them.  I teach sailing at the yacht club and run the races. Val makes great piñatas for the annual children’s party at the club.  I like to do DIY projects around the house.  Sometimes our children and grandchildren visit us in Florida.


Working on our Summit High School Reunions has been great fun and I look forward to seeing everyone at the next one.

Tony Cardone
6038675746 President - Cardone Associates Married 15
 Yanacone does not have a computer . . . since he is the class clown he wants to make certain he is at the 55th!  I would give you his cell phone and home phone numbers but he never answer's them.

If something breaks regarding the 55th you can reach him at the Summit Elks after 5:00 PM or call Gil Owren.

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Carolyn Luther (Brown)
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9042843948 Retired missionary Married 2

I found out about the SHS 1958 class reunion just a couple of days ago, went to the website and have already made contact with a classmate who lives within 20 miles of me here in Florida! We don't have a clue who the other one is, but at least we have SHS in common and we'll go from there.

My husband, Gordon, and I moved into the Penney Farms Retirement Community (started by J.C. Penney back in 1926) in June 2007. Previous to that, we had been in Africa (mostly Kenya) for over 30 years. Although Gordon has a PhD in engineering and taught in the EE Department at the University of Pittsburgh for several years, our lives changed as a result of doing a volunteer missions trip in 1971-72 (to Zambia, Africa). We returned as full-time missionaries in 1976 with Gordon working with churches and other Christian organizations in the area of development. We had thought we'd retire there, but circumstances dictated otherwise.

Although our kids (2) and grandkids (6) live in the north, we didn't want to settle back in the states and have to endure winter weather. Previously we had to travel 8500 miles to visit family; now it's down to 850.
And they come down to visit us. Works well.

We won't be able to make it to the reunion as we have other travel plans at that time, but I would enjoy meeting up with any of you via the website.

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Kay Spitzer (Ullman)
Married 2
After graduating from college with a degree in Elementary Education, I got married and lived in Haddonfield, NJ until my husband finished dental school in Phila. We then moved to Fort Leonardwood, Mo. where my husband was sent for our two year commitment to the army. We traveled to St. Louis for many weekends while in the army and consequently decided to stay here and have been here for over 40 years now. During this time, I got a master's degree and a second one in Montessori Education. I taught in public school and in Montessori for many years after our two daughters left for college.
          My children live in the east and I have 2 grandchildren.
          I have taught exercise classes for many years and after retiring from school teaching, have increased my exercise teaching to include many different places and private clients to whom I teach yoga and flexibility. I greatly enjoy this work. My husband and I have always traveled and we have been most fortunate to see much of this wonderful world!
   And there you have it...in a nutshell. I look forward to seeing everyone again. So hard to believe that 50 years have gone by!!
   All the best, Kay Spitzer Ullman 
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Fred McMane
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5406875549 retired journalist Married 3
After graduating from Rutgers in 1962 – where I majored in journalism – I went into the Navy for two years and got some experience in journalism as sports editor for a weekly newspaper at the amphibious base in Little Creek, Va. That led to my joining United Press International in 1964 in New York City as a sports writer. I spent 29 ½ years with UPI and covered some of the biggest sporting events of the 20th century, including four Summer Olympics, two Winter Olympics, 23 World Series, three Pan American Games, two Final Fours, a Super Bowl and several college football bowl games.
I got to travel quite a bit with my job, writing and editing stories in Seoul, Korea; Barcelona, Spain; Caracas, Venezuela; Calgary, Alberta, Canada; San Juan, Puerto Rico and U.S. cities that stretched from Boston to Los Angeles.
I became UPI sports editor in 1988 but left the company in 1993 when the owners decided to move the main headquarters from New York to Washington, D.C. I spent the next several years working for various journalistic enterprises as well as freelancing. Playing and coaching softball had long been a hobby of mine and at the age of 61 I applied for a job as an assistant softball coach at The Pingry School in Martinsville, NJ. I got the job and spent four wonderful years coaching there before we moved to Virginia. I am currently in my third year of coaching at Foxcroft. Hey, if Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden can coach into their 80s, why not me?
In addition, I found that I had some hidden talent as a producer of musical revues. I wrote, produced and performed in nine musical revues (using Broadway songs) for our church in Maplewood that raised more than $20,000 for outreach programs. Foxcroft used one of my shows as a musical program for parents’ weekend in 2006.
My wife and I have been married 25 years and have two daughters, ages 23 and 20. Both are currently living in California. I was married previously for 11 years and had a daughter who recently gave birth to our first grandchild, a boy. She and her husband live in Central Valley, NY, just off Exit 16 on the Thruway.
Two years ago we bought a house in Boulder, Colo., about three blocks from where my sister, Martie (SHS Class of ’61) lives. We are currently renting it but may eventually move there. Right now we’re enjoying our life in Virginia.
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Joan Panella (Mellusi)
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This is a picture of the five of us at my daughters wedding. (5 are:  Cathy Iannello Baszczewski, Phyliss Sodano Piccione, Joan Panella Mellusi, Irene Giusti Ficchi, and Pat Gartner Patikowski.

We have remained close all these years, and see each other on a regular basis.  We enjoy talking about our children and grandchildren and also reminising about when we were in school.  Its hard to believe we are having our 50th reunion.  Good luck with the planning.  -- Joan
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Donna Schrock (Jewett)
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6078356421 Education Supervisor - Retired Married 3

I live on a farm in a very remote corner of rural Cortland County, New York with my husband of 45 years, two horses and a Beagle puppy.  The place is called Elm Tree Farm and while we are not at the end of the earth, you can see it from here. Our house was built in 1830 and the barn even earlier.


“ Oh, dear”, I hear you say, “how did such a thing happen to a nice little suburban girl from New Providence”. Let me tell you briefly how I got from there to here. 


After college I taught for a year in Berkeley Heights and then married Tom whom I had met while I was a student at Green Mountain College.  We moved to upstate New York while Tom finished at Cornell and then Syracuse Law School.  I supported us by teaching in a six room school house where I served as “school marm” to classes of young farm children.  Quite a change from the upscale school in Berkeley Heights ! The change was refreshing and the children were wonderful.  Our first child, Andrew, was born in 1967.


After law school we were off to 4 years + of military service.  Tom was an Air Force JAG officer and we were stationed first near Los Angeles and later at Incirlik AFB in southeast Turkey near the Syrian and Iraqi borders.  We lived off base in the Turkish community and I taught school on the air base.  Our daughter Betsey was born in Turkey.


After the USAF it was back to Cortland, New York where Tom’s family has lived for many generations. He practiced law and I returned to teaching after our third child, Daniel, was born in 1977.


In 1985 I became the Education Supervisor for a countywide Head Start Program.  Trying to make a difference in the lives of children living in poverty became my life’s work for almost 20 years until I retired.


They say that an interest in politics is something you inherit.  In my case I inherited my interest in politics from our oldest son. Andy was our Republican County Chairman and at his urging I became the GOP Chairperson for our hometown.  I presided at Town Caucuses and learned the nuts and bolts of finding good candidates for public office and helping to get them elected.  Andy and I co-chaired Tom’s three campaigns for District Attorney and I worked on the campaigns of friends running for Sheriff, County Judge and NY Supreme Court Justice.


We retired about 4 years ago and spend our time running the farm and enjoying our children and grandchildren.  We get away to Ireland about every 18 months.  Just before the Reunion we are taking a three week river cruise on the Danube.


I attended the 30th and the 35th Reunion and I am excited about the prospect of seeing each of you in October to reaffirm old friendships and to share again the wonderful times we spent together at SHS.

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Susan Skiles (Gill)
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7273959256 Owner, Snug Harbor Inn Waterfront B & B www.snugharborflorida.com Married 2
After graduating from St. Lawrence University, I married and taught high school English in New York and Connecticut. I spent 4 years in Vermont and moved to Florida as a single mom from Saratoga Springs, NY in 1974. I worked at Walt Disney World as head of Vista Advertising until I moved to the Gulf Coast. After working 21 years at the St. Petersburg Times, I retired to help my husband manage Snug Harbor Inn Waterfront Bed & Breakfast  that we had bought in 2000. My husband, T.J. and I met 27 years ago when we performed in the first of 26 plays we have done together. In fact, each of our 8 efficiencies is decorated after a play we have done.  I sing with 3 groups (One of them,The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, has two other SHS graduates in addition to myself!  Small world.)  My older son, Thom, lives nearby with my two grandchildren, and my younger son, Pete, lives in Seattle. If any of you want to come to the Gulf Coast of Florida, check out our website: www.snugharborflorida.com. Looking forward to seeing all of you in October. Send Susan a MessageSend Susan a Message
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