School Photos
Franklin School 3rd Grade
Party at Betsy Gensemer's
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Our 50th Reunion
50th Reunion, 2nd Album
Post Graduation to 2008
Brayton School
6th Grade play Aida; left to right: Kathy Sharpe, Gil Owren, Ed Betts, Judy McFarland & Dick Bechtel (moved)
SEE MEMORIES SECTION for more about the production.
Full cast of Aida -- can you spot Gil, Ed, Judy, Kathy and Mary Ann Frosch, Judy Burrows, Nancy Freeman, Barbara MacMaster!!
Franklin Elementary School
Lincoln School
Kindergarten Lincoln School: From top left:  Ellis Feibush, Lulu McNair, Romaine McQuarters, Jmmy ?, John Duryee, Edgar?, Otis?  Middle Row:  Margot Ahlers, Carol Blum, ??, ??, Ellen Scaff,Phyllis Guest, Betsy Carpenter.  Front Row: Judy Murray, Shirley J
6th Grade Back row from Left: Billy Poten, Wesley Peale, ??, Tommy Murray, Rodney Edwards, Ellis Feibush, Graham Thompson, John Duryee, Aaron Messing, Ted Judson, John Hewitt, Jimmy Tait, Paul Ellis, Stevens Hilyard, John Bush?, Charlie Robinson.  Standin
Roosevelt Elementary School
6th grade class 1st row: Mike Forster, Jimmy Rosa, Jimmy John Tedesco, Edmund Coleman, Catherine Iannello, Mary Ann Martini, Catherine Boffo and Helen Nelson 2nd row: Orazio Russo, Richard Adams, Cosimo Melucci, Robert Smart 3rd Row:  Mr Paul B Ryan - Pri
Washington Elementary School
2nd Grade, Washington ES
3rd Grade, Washington ES
4th Grade, Washington ES
5th Grade, Washington ES
New Providence Junior High Gradulation
Row Six:
Bill Snyder, Louis Johnson, Bob Brewster, Wally Bauer, Ralph Walker, Laurence Armstrong, Bill Wald

Row Five:
Ray Kennedy, Gerald Dearing, Joan Marcelliano, Jessie Heitner, Sandra Newbery, Ann Carlone, Ralph Caparoso, Lance Gray

Row Four:
New Providence Classmates
Deputy Sheriff Balph,1966-68, Savannah, GA
Al Balph: from 1968 titled 1964 cracker box Jimmy
Al Balph, wife Jackie and son
Senior year picture, Al Balph
Al Balph today
Balph ancestral home on Central Ave. in New Providence.  That is a 1934 car!
this is a photo of myself and three of my eight great grandchildren, devn, lilly and brandn. devn and brandn are brother and sister. christmas 2006
greatgrandchildren of becky fusco(june/08
becky fusco w/great granddaughter zoee raye and her mom, granddaughter in-law, sonja,summer 2008
Summit Junior High School
Summit High School - Volume I
Summit High School -- Volume II
Summit Area
Downtown Summit 2008
25th Reunion
30th Reunion
35th Reunion