Reunion Group Photos
60th Reunion Saturday Night
60th Reunion Saturday Night
First Row: Rebecca Fusco, Audrey McLeroy-Cherobino, Dottie Dasti-Liberato,
Beverly Smith-Cowan, Judy Karr-Morse

Second/Third Rows: Bill Snyder, Gil Owren, Bob Kinley, John Grasso, Wayne 'Pete' Peterson,
Nancy Freeman-Soward, Ed Betts, Doug Woodring, Caroline Eickele-Lindaburry,
Betsy Gensemer-Blair, John Hudgins (Partially Hidden), Kathy Sharpe-Zerweck,
Charlie Mixon, Tom Jewett (Schrock), Madeline Toms-Volt, Beverly Papio-Ambrosius,
Don Marcy, Bob Brewster, Marie Nardiello-Giordano, Dick Connell,
Brant Sayre (Hidden Behind Dick), James 'Pete' Peterman, Dick Orr, Fred McMane

Florida Reunion Luncheon

First Row: Marguerite Lamb-Probst, Barbara MacMaster-Wolff

Second Row: Bob Brewster, Rich Adams, Dick Orr, Judy McFarland-Hanrahan, Charlie Wolff, Bill Waldau, Madeleine Toms-Volk

Spouses Attending: Valerie Brewster, Sherry Adams, Bill Volk, Bob Probst


55th Reunion
55th Reunion
Front row: Frank Natale, Mike Yanacone, Holly McMahon, Brant Sayre, Dick Connell, Callie Dean, Doug Woodring, Don Marcy, Bob Brewster 
Second row: Joyce Mantel, can not see Bob Kubach, Carol Allen, Charlie Mazzucco, Bev Papio, Donna Schrock, Madeline Toms, Rebecca Fusco, Ellen Pollard, Dottie Dasti, Marie Nardiello,  Coriner Steplight, Bev Smith, Kay Spitzer, Patti Wenzel, Lulu McNair
Back row: Gerry Deering, Bruce Ruhnke , Tony Cardone, Gil Owren, John Grasso, Fred McMane, Tony Barr(hidden behind Rebecca) also squeeze in are Wolfgang Wilhelm and Pete Peterman, Blair Brown, Betsy Blair, Ed Betts, Bill Waldau, Charlie Mixon, Dick Orr,  Jetta Jacobson
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50th Reunion
50th Reunion
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81 Classmates Attended
131 Total Attended
81 Classmates Attended 131 Total Attended

30th reunion

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