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Where did everyone go?
Have the classmates forgot the web site? Since the reunion there has not been very much activity . . . I wonder why?

Tony C
Last Post: Nov 20th 2013
Author: tonyc
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to dress or not to dress...that is the question
This topic started with the following announcement by the Reunion Committee (see 3rd web section "Reunion Activities"):

Friday 7p.m. ][ Evening festivities at the Elks Club, 40 Maple...
Last Post: Nov 26th 2008
Author: scrig
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Reunion plans: What if not a Summit-elementary-school student?
I notice that "later Saturday afternoon" there will be "private" parties for each of the elementary-schools' classmates. What about all the people who came to Summit after 1952?
Do we...
Last Post: Nov 26th 2008
Author: Woodring
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Atendance at our 50th Reunion
Hi, Carol!
At the next reunion, we really must have a sign-in book at the entrance for Friday night and Saturday night activities at least. Even with that, we probably will not get all of the...
Last Post: Nov 24th 2008
Author: georgiana
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Our stationery
Hi Doug!

Thank you for the stationery letterhead you sent Gil and shown at our June 17th Reunion Committee meeting. Do you think that it can be produced in color vs. black and...
Last Post: Jun 29th 2008
Author: georgiana
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To write or not to write, that is the question
This section is for an exchange of ideas, thoughts, whatevers, even recipes. So how come people are not participating? Would you like to have this discontinued on our site? We need a little...
Last Post: Jun 16th 2008
Author: carolall
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comments on "Working the Reunion"
Click the link at "NEW", top of the Welcome page, and enter your reactions here.
Last Post: Jun 4th 2008
Author: Woodring
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Photo Album - 25th SHS Reunion Photos

Carol, please note that I believe the 4th photo is of John Grasso and Gil Owren, at the podium, and not Bob Kubach. Please let me know what you think. Georgi
Last Post: May 9th 2008
Author: georgiana
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