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Profile picture Doug Woodring
55th reunion ???
I'd like to have a 55th. Summit seems like the right place. But when - it doesn't have to be during football season. What times are good for others. I like warm weather get-togethers.
Profile picture Tony Cardone Re: 55th reunion ???
Hi Doug . . .

A 55th sounds like fun and I believe that Summit is the place to have it. While the fall is a great time of year I suppose the spring or summer would work. Winter would be a problem . . . Many of the class mates are favoring Florida and I can understand that since many live there year around. I'm not certain I would make that trip and Yanacone seems to agree. Anyway, keep me in the loop . . .

Best Regards,

Tony C
Profile picture Tony Cardone Re: 55th reunion ???
HI Doug . . .

Hope your enjoying Mexico . . . do you drink the water and eat the food?

I have been to Mexico many times of business and I never drank the water . . .

Donna tells me that when you return to the USA you have some plans regarding the 55th! From the small sampling I did it appears that Summit is the place to have the reunion. A 55th makes sense to me as I'm not certain a 60th would be well attended. I know your a genius at math so you know what I'm talking about.

Looking forward to your return and what your plans are.

Best Regards

Tony C
Profile picture Judith Morse Re: 55th reunion ???
I'd enjoy a 55th reunion, probably Summit makes the most sense for me. Maybe lunch (sloppy joes!), a comfy space for catching up/conversation, or a walk, and then dinner. I go for more casual, because I'm more comfortable that way. I'm more "hippy/alternative" than "country club."