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Edward Otocka
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retired Married 2
I finished prep school at Pomfret School in Pomfret, Ct., and earned a B.S. in Chemistry at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa. (Jim Tait went there, too)
I continued to study and earned a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.
My career included time at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, United Technologies in Hartford Ct., Xerox Corp in Webster, NY, Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY, finally becoming V.P. of supplies R&D at Encad in San Diego, CA.  I retired in 1999, after which I did a little consulting. 
Along the way, I was the youngest finalist for the first Scientist as Astronaut program in 1966, (Didn't quite make it--I was 3"too tall, and didn't have any pilot training, but still beat out 1040 of the 1079 applicants), served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts department of Polymer Science and Engineering for 17 years, wrote 30 research papers, review articles, etc. and earned six patents.
I married Barbara Lennard of Center Valley, Pa  in 1964 (we met while I was at Lehigh) and we have two wonderful daughters, Cathy and Mary, as well as two grandchildren.
My parents lived in Summit until 1984, and my dad served on the Summit City Council for two terms in the 1970's .  My mom passed away in 1997 and my dad died March 2007.
Judy Burrows (Sutton)
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6104194129 Retired Married 2
My husband, Dick, and I have been married for 48 years and have retired to Bethlehem Twp., PA.  We sold our home in Summit in 2006 and built a small ranch home which we love.  Our two daughters, Leslie and Kris, and 6 grandchildren reside in Bridgewater, NJ.  We are close enough for weekly visits and sporting events.

I started working in the insurance field as a secretary; a dental assistant until my first was born in 1963; then part-time typing insurance policies from home.  When the second daughter was old enough I went to work for SHS in the attendance department working for Mort Ashman.  He was replaced by Emil George.  I remained there for 3 years when just after tenure I left for the private sector and became a secretary for a real estate appraisal firm in Chatham.  Among some of the properties appraised were Trump's casinos in Atlantic City for tax purposes.  I stayed at that job for 17 years until my wonderful boss retired.  From there I became an administrative assistant in the management office of Essex Green Shopping Center in West Orange.  The office was soon taken over by another managing firm.  The next 3 months I was a receptionist in a commercial cleaning firm in Short Hills until I was afraid a disgruntled employee would walk in the front door of the office, shoot me first, and then the owner, so I bowed out of that one.  My last employment was for an MD just around the corner from our house which was very convenient.  I retired from there in 2000 and did some traveling but was called back part-time until 2006.  We've traveled through many states and have taken 3 cruises.

We're looking forward to seeing you all at the 50th.
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Judith Judy Karr (Morse)
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6174916905 massage therapist Single Again 2
This is a beginning; I'll add some more soon. I'm looking forward to reconnecting at our IS hard to believe! Do you FEEL 67 or whatever?

In a nutshell, I have two fine sons who are married (one in July, on RMO's birthday) and who live locally. Lucky me! I have one granddaughter, Micaela whose mom is from Madagascar. Todd met her in the Peace Corps. I've been in the Boston area and doing massage for about 30 years. 

Recently saw John and Nancy Freeman Soward which was a bit of a trip down memory lane. Overall I am well and happy. It is a good life. A bit of my history will follow. I have lots of photos from our high school days. I'm not computer saavy, so will probably send them to Carol. Looking forward to seeing you all in October.

Here's the bit of history that is following:


After graduation from Connecticut College, I lived in Cambridge  MA with two friends from college and worked at MIT.  A couple of years later, I spent 4 months traveling in Europe (with my Canadian friend Brenda) before starting a job in a Boston law firm.  That was pretty dry business so joined the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Personnel Dept., and stayed there until I laid myself off in 1969.  I met Dit, my husband-to-be, the year before, married in 1969 and moved, a year later to ski country in Vermont.  The two years spent there were pretty close to a hippie life-style.  Dit ran a taxi service, I worked at Sugarbush and in a real estate office.  It was a happy surprise to run across Ted Judson in the same community.  A real (computer) job for Dit took us back to MA.  By 1974 we had two sons, and I worked part time in universities.  In 1979 he left our family and we became single parents, though stayed comfortably in touch, and shared our time with the boys. 


In 1980 I experienced a therapeutic massage, and slowly gravitated into becoming a professional massage therapist.  I've had my own small business since then with its attendant freedoms and worries.  I treasure the quality of one-on-one connection with clients and am gratified that this profession is now "mainstream."  Not a big money maker, I live fairly simply and happily.  In 2000, after 20 years of massage, I gave myself (no one else was going to!) a six-month sabbatical in Kauai.  It WAS paradise!  though I did return home.  I've been sort of semi-retired for the last couple of years.  Enjoying the greater spaciousness of my life.


In the 80s and 90s I continued part time work at Harvard to supplement my income and took lots of "New Age" workshops.  It was a whole new world, and I loved it.  Meditation, yoga, astrology, deep ecology, singing.  And, of course, I've spent 30 years in and out of therapy.  Very useful, that.  Currently most vital in my life, besides my family, are A Course in Miracles, Nonviolent Communication, Dances of Universal Peace (Sufi), meditation, an interest in the Enneagram.


Twice in the mid-90s I traveled to Madagascar; initially to visit Todd (Peace Corps), and the next year (with my second son Andrew) to attend Todd's marriage.  Dit and his wife came too, and all 6 of us went on the honeymoon!  We had a splendid time,  a great native guide (my new daughter-in law), and a wonderful story to tell to astounded friends and family.  We enjoy those memories to this day.


I've had "significant others" in my life and I've also had extended periods of being "single."  I've enjoyed it all.  Dit and I remain good friends, and every few years get together for the holidays, which include his daughters from his previous marriage.


Currently I live in a 12 unit, limited equity cooperative in Cambridge, across the street from a beautiful park which the city maintains.  Nice to have a front yard like that!  My sons live in contiguous towns, so many holidays are spent together.  My local "family" now includes my sons, their wives, my granddaughter, our gay friend David, and the local mother-in-law.  We are blessed indeed.  I remain optimistic despite the news, trusting there is a bigger picture which we can't see.  So, life is good.  I hope the same for all of you. 


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Susan Scriggins (Palmer)
3607566092 retired Divorced 2
After Summit High I left home and went to CT and lived with a friend and worked as a dental assistant until my marriage. 

I was a stay at home mom with 2 little ones 19 months apart until my youngest was in first grade, when I went back to work part time in a dental office. My husband and I also were busily engaged in rehabbing wrecks and making money at it. The downside of this little enterprize was that we always moved again when the house was liveable! My kids grew up thinking everybody lived in houses with walls torn out and had "camp kitchens" on the back porch.

When the kids were in 5th and 6th grades, we sold our house for a tidy profit and bought a boat, and lived aboard for a year, travelling from Maine to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos. It was a great year, but the return to civilization cost me my marriage, so I returned "home" to CT a single mom, working as a radio newscaster and commercial producer, actor in industrial training films and doing voice-overs.

After the kids were in college I moved to the Eastern Shore of MD, where I came back to my roots as a "horsey girl", and have had horses and ponies in my back yard ever since.

After 24 years in MD, I followed my daughter, her husband and my only grandchild out here to the wild, wild west. It sure is different, but I like it. I live in a little cottage in the City of Bellingham, keep my mini's in the back yard, and drive my one mini around the neighborhood and on the inter-urban trail system in a little pony cart, when the weather permits. Have lots of fun with my granddaughter, and am active in policing a local company which seems to specialize in polluting the bay and the air.

Looking forward to seeing classmates not seen or heard from in too many years!
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Mary Ann Frosch (Topping)
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2073381370 Married 2
In 2002, I self-published my memoirs. I did so because while working on a family genealogy, I learned that many women were completely lost to history. I also recognized that the 20th century had brought huge changes for American women. Consequently, I wrote about my family -- including my husband, Dick, my children, six grandchildren, my Summit years, college, and the years beyond ..... my witnessing the rise of the Berlin Wall in August, 1961, life in New York City, life in northern Virginia (which was home for 30 years), and now retirement in Belfast, Maine. I covered my life as a "stay-at-home mom" who tutored elementary school kids, participated in church-related activities, and volunteered to assist travelers at Dulles International Airport. The latter led to my starting a paid career as the coordinator of 53 volunteers for Travelers' Aid at the airport, at age 50.

Living up to "globetrotter" in the class prophecy, I have travelled off-and-on all of my adult life, including trips to the former Soviet Union in 1974, China in 1983, and Antarctica in 2004.

I am looking forward to visiting during our reunion. Thanks to those of you who are working hard to make it happen.    
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C Warren Devereux
3019779771 retired Divorced 3
BA (math) Bowdoin College '62.,followed by 4years+ in the Army (including 2years in Ethiopia),followed by 13years at the National Bureau of Standards and 25years at the Department of Energy. Retired in'03. Looking forward to the trip to the reunion and seeing all those who can make the events.   Warren
Lou (Reb) Johnson
3864417175 Retired Married 3
Kudos to all those who are putting this thing together, a very special event.  I'm so looking forward to attending along with my wife, Judy.

After Summit High, I attended the University of North Carolina, joined the army and was trained as a meteorologist.  My life has been okay!

Don't have any "then" photos, "now" photo might make a frieght train take a dirt road, so I'll pass on that one.

God Bless each and every one of you!

Carol Israel (Allen)
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4108238541 volunteer Married 3
As "Webmistress" I am putting my biography online as I really wish you would do this too.  Please don't make it too short or too long.  Or you can email it to me and I will put it up for you.

I attended Lasell Junior College and University of Colorado.   I met my husband when he was interning in San Francisco and we married in the fall of 1963 and lived in upper Manhattan for almost three years while he completed his training.  We did a little moving after that as he had professional obligations to complete and wound up in Baltimore where we have been ever since.  My husband, Tom, is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst.  That has made me a “shrinkette”!


I was pretty much a stay-at-home mother until the last of our three daughters was getting ready to leave the nest.  I volunteered in school activities and wound up co-founding the Parents Council of Greater Baltimore and its first president in 1982.  Today it is still going strong although not looking like our original concept.  About the time I was ending my thing with Parents Council I segued into Maryland politics via the opportunities afforded me by the Maryland State Medical Society.   I ran for the Democratic State Central Committee and was elected to two terms.  I was also a legislative aide for four years in the Maryland General Assembly.


After my boss lost his election by twelve (12!) votes, a friend suggested I apply for the part-time position as Executive Director of Historic Towson, Inc.  That was in 1991 and I have been there ever since and still finding new things to do for the cause before going on to something else.  Once it dawned on me that I was a paid volunteer, I fired myself and became what is turning out to be President for life!  I testify for historic designation and advocate for preservation, lead local tours, give talks, etc.  Preservation lead me to the most thrilling experience I have had which was spearheading a thirty minute documentary on our local private psychiatric hospital.  It has incredible architecture.  When it premiered I received a standing ovation from the mental health community.  The film was shown in prime time on our local PBS station and won a few awards too.  I have also had my neighborhood placed on the National Register of Historic Places.  Lastly, I am a Commissioner on the Baltimore County Landmarks Preservation Commission.


I’ve tried to make this short as could fill in with more stuff.  If there is one thing my husband says I like, is to tell my life’s story.  I hope you all will attend the reunion so I can share my “story” and hear yours too. 

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Bill Sigler
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8433970576 Retired Married
 I just can't wait to see everyone Send Bill a MessageSend Bill a Message
Georgiana Conti (Weeks)
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9082734659 Retired: Banking, Corporate Investment Firm and Experts for SEC, Securities Fraud Cases Married 3

Let us go back 50 years…

I met my husband, Robert A. Weeks (aka Bob), when dating a cadet up at West Point. Never having dated anyone without proper introduction, he was the “exception” after sending him a very proper letter indicating it. Well, here we are, 49 yrs married in October. I made a country-boy into a city-fella (well kinda - and that is my story, but Bob might have a different opinion of it all.) 

Bob and I had our three children 2 ½ years apart, Bobby, Diana Lyn and Eric. Therefore, we have a Computer Wizard who has his own company in NC where he resides with his two boys and lovely wife; a Mechanical Engineer residing in Mendham, NJ and mother of our three oldest grands; and the baby and Professional Photographer who in lives in NYC with his wife, Stacy; they also have a home in Stroudsburg, PA. All are doing well and flourishing nicely.

 Bob and I bought my dear Mother’s home, the one, for those who remember, in which I’ve lived since 1953 when we moved from Maplewood to “netherland,” the town of Summit, until now with a couple years away  early on to get married. We move back as a stopping place, in order to decide where we would start our family and lives, in the Northeast or Mid-South. I guess I won again, without much convincing to be done. Therefore, my friends, here we are where I lived during junior and senior high school; I do not know too many who can claim those bragging rights.

 For the first 14 years, I worked a couple of years and then raised our children until they were old enough to be in junior high and Lincoln school.

What followed was my 25 years in Finance, starting with my part-time job in a Summit Savings and Loan and I rose quickly through the ranks to be an Officer. Next, after 7 years, I decided to spread my wings and see what else I could accomplish, so for a short period I worked for an Employment Agency, in town, until the boss there asked me to stay as his Bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant. I was not sure if I wanted to do that as my future working career so I was also able to go on interviews to be sure that something else was not out there beckoning me. One Saturday I was in the office catching up on some work and a fella from one flight up asked me if I would come to work for them in their Investment Company. I told him that I did not have any experience in that area, but he said he liked my work ethic and they would teach me. Long story short, a few months later I took him up on the offer and under my two bosses’ tutelage, I learned much about the corporate investment world and computers. Again, I was made Manager of the Investment Company and did the books and other aspects of that company’s responsibility. They later started another company, an Expert Witness Firm on SEC fraud and individual fraud cases. I became the Manager of both companies and worked many hours yet ran my home and became “Super Wife, Mom, and Employee.”

I thought that is where I would stay the remainder of my working years, but as is in the plan-of-life some other situations took place and I stopped working to continue with my computer involvement, this time for home, Bob and myself.

So, what started out to be the goal of becoming a Linguist and working at the United Nations there were many twists and turns in the road of life, all that I do believe were guiding me by The Almighty to have a very fulfilling and rewarding life.

Now fifty years after graduation, here I am a married woman of many years with three great adult (children) and five lovely grand children, three boys and two girls, ranging in ages of 17 to almost 2.

I hope I have not gone on too long and bored the reader, but putting up our biography is important and it sure took me long enough to get mine on to our wonderful website. So forgive me if I boast and please know how very much I am enjoying this journey towards our Fiftieth Reunion. Please save the dates this coming October 17, 18 and 19. I really look forward to seeing each and every one of you, and encourage you to ramble just as I have done.

Of course I could have gone on and on explaining why this little gal who loved learning in high school and the years that followed, at Berlitz and in night school has arrived just where I am today, a little gal just 50 years older and loving every bit of contacting you, my classmates and friends.

For those who have not done so, please write your bio for your classmates to read and enjoy.

See you at the 50th!   Georgi

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