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John Johnston
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9736631637 Retired none Married 2
Went in service after school for 3 years.  Worked for insurance company for about 5 years.  Worked in retail sales field for the next 25 years.  Hope to see everyone at reunion. Send John a MessageSend John a Message
Elaine Waters (Shaunessy)
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6034264220 Retired Married 3

Looking forward to our Reunion/Thanks Carol, Georgi and Bill for setting this 

After reading everyone's great BIOS, I will add to mine. 

After graduating from Lasell Jr. College in Boston, I worked in Boston for a few years.  My parents moved to Pittsburgh in the meantime so I was "lost" to the class of 58.  I used to see Louise Potter because I was working at the same hospital she was in Nursing School.  

I met my husband, Bob (Shag) during that time and we basically have stayed in the Boston area all these years.  We have 2 sons and a daughter who have given us 6 wonderful grandchildren.  Luckily they also live in the greater Boston area too.

Our boys played ice hockey through their youth, college and after, so many of those years were spent in rinks throughout the New England area.  

After everyone was out of the house, we started skiing again and now ski most of the winter in the Waterville Valley area in New Hampshire.  
My husband (Shag) is an investment advisor and shows no sign of retiring.  I have "retired" but still help out (a couple days a week) at the Lahey Clinic, where I worked for 28 years as an administrative assistant.

Thanks to John Johnston and Bill Sigler who "found" me, I am so looking forward to the reunion.


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Robert Wrathall
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8314390857 engineer/retired? Married 6
I am sorry I did not attend the reunion. My wife had passed away that December and I was becomming involved with Claudia.

I as writing a memoir for my children and I was directed here from Facebook when I searched for Donald Marcy Summit.

Life is complex and interesting. I have enjoyed almost all of it and hope to enjoy, for Claudia's sake, much more of it.

Santa Cruz is a lovely place. We are 10 minutes from the warf and an hour from SF and the symphony. How lucky can you be. Today I spent an hour with our lovely patent attorney. I write, I invent, walk, photograph. Claudia paints.

We have traveled a little be have a hard time finding time.
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3524913115 Software Designer / Developer Divorced 7

As a high school student, I wanted to be an inventor.  In 1958, I went off to North Carolina State University to study physics.  In my second year, became fascinated with computers. So I taught myself how to program from a book and looked for a job. 


Two years later when I started my Masters program in Physics, I finally found a programming job. The next two years, I wrote the main programs used by the statistics department. 


When I graduated, I worked for IBM at the Pentagon on a system to organize all military information.  The system used self defining files. Each file contained a description of all the variables in the file.  I saw how I could use self defining files for statistical software.


In 1966, I returned to NC State to build the Statistical Analysis Systems, SAS.  My vision was to bring statistics to the masses.  In 1976, I and 3 others formed a private company, SAS Institute.  Today it is a 6 billion dollar company.


My ability to contribute to SAS was at an end in 1979, so I quit.  I was now independent.  I tried to build a machine to cut lumber.  After one year, I could see that this was going to require a lot of money, so I abandoned the project.


For the next three years, I worked on a system for representing and transforming knowledge. 


If total understanding was to be achieved, then descriptions of every object in the system should be immediately available.  The system should be self-defining.


I wanted to generalize the concept of language to encompass the meta-systems of computer science: grammars, data types, and data base schemas.  The end goal came to be to create a model of reality to be shared by its community of users.  In this model one would not think of data, but ideas and concepts. 


I became convinced that a new software paradigm could edit language in conceptual space instead of strings of characters.  In my programming experiments, I built abstractions that represented ideas in both the real world and conceptual space.  The day I penetrated an integer was awesome.  I went inside the integer and saw a vector of bits.  Inside a bit was either a zero or one.  I was back to looking at integers representing integers.  I had stepped through “Alice in Wonderland’s” looking glass.  I could recursively descend into a language in never ending steps.


This is a very circular way to see the world.  Well the world is defined in a circular fashion.  It would be enlightening if we could define the world using the smallest circles that everyone could understand.


In 1983, I had to return back to the real world.  I was out of money with an incomplete theory.  I borrowed money from my sisters and embarked on a sure thing, high performance communications software that would run on the newly released PC.  In 1985, we moved the company to Gainesville.  The company Barr Systems now has 85 people and a world wide market serving corporate clients with printing solutions.


I believe in “Silver Bullets”.  There will be more complete and consistent systems for representing knowledge.   The idea of the “Global Brain” will eventually be built where we will navigate smoothly through knowledge space.


My professional life is described at .


Presently, I am working on an Enterprise Model.  The Enterprise Model is an agile language for Unity of Purpose, productivity improvement, and quality management.  Managers and employees have complete authority and responsibility; there are no gurus.


On the personal level, I have been married 3 times and have 7 children and 3 grandchildren.


I have lived in Gainesville, Florida since 1985.  I really feel at home here and will never move.


My youngest is Alexey, who was born in 1998.  He is interested in basketball, football, fencing, and golf.


I am a trustee at Trinity United Methodist Church and head the landscape committee.


I bike most places and enjoy swimming.


Summit provided me with an excellent education and has left me many fond memories.  It was great to see everyone at the 50th reunion. 

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Gloria Stavenick (Frank)
9256876419 Travel Consultant Married 3
After graduating from Endicott, I lived and worked in both Boston and New York City. I met and married my husband, Eric, in 1964.
Our first home was in Riverside, CA. where Eric was a Capt. in the AirForce, and I worked in a medical office there.  We then moved to Scotch Plains.  Eric commuted into the city , and I became a "stay at home Mom" raising two daughters and also volunteering in a variety of activities.

A job transfer brought us to San Francisco in 1970, and we have loved living in northern California ever since.  Our son was born in 1976, and once he was in school full-time, I became a travel agent .
We have been fortunate to really become globe-trotters and have traveled extensively ever since to most parts of the world.

Eric is now retired from the brokerage business, but I now have my own travel agency and specialize in small ship cruises and tours.  I have a wonderful client base and this past summer escorted a group on a River Cruise in eastern Europe.

Looking forward to our 50th Reunion.  See you all there.
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Norm Lavery
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4065491121 mediation Married 2
I just finished reading the bio entries of my 1958 classmates. What a wonderful collection of thoughts from the heart. After receiving several personal e-mails inquiring about my current whereabouts, I have been shamed into finally putting daily activities aside and adding my bio to the collection. Unfortunately Marion and I will not be able to attend the Reunion, but we know the gathering will be joyful and we will be with you in spirit. 

Here in Missoula MT it is not uncommon to drive a hundred miles or so to visit a sick friend, or to have dinner with a friend or associate. So, for those who might remember my small part in the SHS saga, give a call whenever you get close. We’re about three hours west of Yellowstone and the same distance south of Glacier.

So, graduating from Summit High with a less than stellar
C--- academic average, I was able to enter Union College because a distant relative was a student in the initial class of 1795. Union was/is a great college and I graduated with a degree in Geology. Then off to Penn State, where six years later and after meeting my life partner, a PhD in Geology led to my first real job. I joined Exxon Minerals Company in Duluth, MN and had subsequent tours with Exxon in Tucson, AZ, Salt Lake City, UT, Silver City, NM, Houston, TX, and then Missoula. Perhaps the highlight of my Exxon journey was the five years I spent as a research scientist at Exxon’s worldwide research facility in Houston. Being offered a transfer from Missoula back to a management position in Houston in 1984, I bailed, feeling that our two daughters had a right to have a place to call home. And Missoula is truly special, with the University providing sports, concerts, art exhibits, lectures and other cultural offerings, with two rivers running through town, with wonderful backpacking/hiking in forests and wilderness areas nearby, and with a challenging ski area on the northern edge of the Missoula Valley. For the next nine years I continued exploring for gold deposits for my own account in the summer months – marketing prospects to companies with the finances to conduct the more expensive drilling phase. I still own one gold prospect and am continuing exploration of it. During winters in Missoula, I spent five seasons as the Ski School Director for Montana Snowbowl (2,600’ vertical). Do I still teach? Indeed, and I will as long as my legs hold out, in this my 41st year of helping people enjoy a sport I love. 

In 1993 I incorporated Common Quest Mediation (before anyone knew what the term meant) and since then have had a lively mediation and group process facilitation practice, with clients being the Postal Service, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, and a myriad of businesses and families. I’ve given numerous seminars on communications skills, conflict resolution skills, and on management models for corporate clients and have taught in the University’s Honors College. Perhaps one of the favorite courses I’ve developed is “The creative process – unlocking the world of the possible”. 

Six years ago I began a non-profit organization – Community Circles - based on aboriginal principles for resolving problems. We have now trained 95 volunteer “Circle Keepers” across the state, and with numerous referrals from the courts, we have helped many young adults move to a better life path by providing a safe, non-judgmental place in which they can talk about issues of importance to them.

My wife Marion is an artist who is widely recognized in the Northwest for her watercolor paintings, Japanese rice paper collages, calligraphy, and for her teaching acumen. Always tugging at creative boundaries, she is constantly exploring new art forms, the most recent being “art books” and ‘art boxes”. We are still very much in love and enjoy traveling together, with more trips planned in the near future. Our daughter Kristin teaches high school chemistry in Moses Lake, WA, and our daughter Kendra is a graphic designer/web site designer in Redmond, OR. Both girls live relatively close but we still don’t see them or their kids often enough.

My passions are my family, helping people achieve their life potential, aboriginal justice systems, fine woodworking, outdoor recreation, and the magic of the creative process. I feel blessed in never having had a boring day in my life, and I await with anticipation the next chapter in my life.

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Callie Dean
7342725477 artist Divorced 3
Graduated Wm &Mary '62--Married Doug Woodring, Rutgers ,4years onto UofM in Ann Arbor Mi. Doug did the professor thing , I became a potter and mother of 3. Divorced '74 my first trip to Guatemala. A2 business and shop designing and manufacturing a line of art clothing. Traveled thru Asia,Africa, India, C. & S. Am. for fabrics and charms for my "Conscious Clothes''. Bought a farm in A2 and did a brady bunch for years, fun. Passed the land onto an Organic farmer and started building on Lake Atitlan. Lovely life-- helps that I studied with a Tibetan Buddhist teacher for 8 years. Now an artist of flower paintings that I make into Mandulas with the Kali Yantra. Retired from the Jazz Fest in New Orleans after 15 years of music and dancing. Live part time with a wonderful photo- journalist boyfriend in Chicago--a city I love. Part time in Guate teaching recorder in the Mayan school, growing a fab garden and promoting an organization helping with education and health care. Now building a vocational center that will teach skills needed to keep our youth from walking to the US to wash dishes in Texas. Currently working/volunteer for the OBAMA Campaign in Ohio. I speak to the undecideds over 65. Do I need to talk to any of you this weekend? Send Callie a MessageSend Callie a Message
Jette Jacobsen (Lord)
2068424893 Retired Widowed 2
My family moved from Summit to Connecticut in the middle of my senior year, so I didn't actually graduate fromSHS - too bad!  Instead I graduated from Norwalk HS.

I went on to Garland Junior College in Boston, and then taught for a year at a daycare in Stamford, Connecticut.  Then I returned to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I worked for the next two years or so.

I moved to Manhattan when I returned to the US, and worked at Lord&Taylor, the Denmark Pavilion at the New York World's Fair, and finally at Tiffany&Co.

On New Year's Eve of 1966, I married Samuel Lord, and we continued to live in Manhattan until our move to Bainbridge Island, WA in 1976.  I'm still here on the island, in the house we built on six beautiful acres, just a half hour ferry ride from Seattle.

My husband Sam died in 1986 - too soon.

Living in this part of the country is great, and I spend much of my time outdoors - gardening, walking, hiking, etc.  I'm fortunate to have my children and their families ( three grandchildren,and a fourth due shortly )  in the Seattle area.  Also, my sister and two brothers, all SHS graduates, live in the Northwest too! 

My travels include visits overseas, often to Denmark, where I still have family and friends.  An unforgettable trek to Mt.Everest, where I experienced the beauty of the Himalayas and of the people of Nepal, is definitely the highlight of my travels.

Had a delightful lunch with Sue Scriggins and Lois Fitzsimons in Victoria, BC this summer!  Good to reconnect!

Looking forward to our 50th!

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Sandra Newbery (Cain)
4087324268 Retired Widowed 2
After graduation I worked at Bell Labs in Murray Hill as a secretary for one of the departments working on the Telstar Communications Satellite.  In 1960 I met a newly-hired engineer who had just graduated from RPI.  We dated for a couple of years while he was getting his Master's Degree at the Labs.  In 1963 we were married and moved to Bucks County, PA.  We lived there for eight years, during which time we had two children - Kevin in 1965 and Ellen in 1967.

In January 1971 my husband's company transferred their Engineering Dept. to northern California.  This was not a welcome move for me at the time because the previous month my Mom had died at the age of only 56; I didn't really want to move 3,000 miles away from my Dad and two sisters (who had been widowed at the ages of 22 and 34, leaving five children - ranging in age from 18-month-old twins to a twelve-year-old.

We did "go west" though and found a house in Sunnyvale, which is in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It took a while but once I made some new friends, I adjusted to living here and grew to love it - mostly because of the wonderful climate.  My Dad came out to visit quite often and eventually moved out here; later, he lived with me and the children.  (He died in Sept. 2001, just short of his 90th birthday.)

My marriage ended in 1979.  I had been an at-home wife and mother for over 16 years and suddenly found myself interviewing for a job!  I accepted a job at Western Electric Co.  My first boss there was a woman who became a good friend and still is.  She was an avid tennis player, as was a man in the organization named Frank.  They talked me into trying tennis.  I did and enjoyed it very much - even got pretty good at it; and it provided me with an adult social life (much needed when you are a single mother).

Frank and I became very good friends also.  Friendship turned to love, and we married in Nov. 1982.  Frank had three children, but they were pretty much all grown and out on their own.  We still had my two teenagers at home; but within a few years, Kevin was off to UCLA and Ellen to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  The nest was almost empty but still had my Dad with us.

My children graduated from college and both ended up living in southern California and both work in management positions at Warner Bros.  I have four grandchildren and one great-grandchild by way of Frank's children.  They live all over the place - one here in the bay area, and the others are scattered in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Frank retired in 1992, and I retired in January 1996 (I had to be 55 years old in order to collect my pension right away.  In May of that same year, we learned that Frank had multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow).  He put up a very courageous fight for two years but died in July 1998.  I lost my best friend.  I was devastated and struggled with grief for a long time.  I finally adjusted to life without him and am relatively content - but I liked sharing life with him a whole lot better.

I am still in the house I moved into 37 years ago.  I would love to move into a single-story house in a Del Webb-type community, but I don't know where in California I want to be.  So, since I don't know where I want to go, I stay put where I am.

I'm sorry I cannot join you all at the Reunion.  I hope you have a wonderful time together reminiscing, and I send my regards and hugs to all.  Maybe if we have another reunion....
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Beverly Smith (Cowan)
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Retired Married 2
I graduated from Somerset Hospital School of Nursing in 1961 and passed NJ State Boards to become an RN.

I have always been grateful for my nursing education.  It has served me well in my profession and life.  It has afforded me flexibility in work hours and types of work.

I have worked in  major medical centers, doctor's offices, a mental health agency and private duty.

I retired in 1996 and started a new life.  I enrolled at Haywood Community College full time in their Production Crafts - fiber program.  I studied design, color, weaving, photoraphy, and business.  Upon graduation I joined a co-op of local artists and participated in  fiber art exhibits.  I now work from my home studio.

Roy Cowan and I married in June of 1963 and started our life together in Illinois and Indiana.  We later moved to North Carolina then south Dakota and back to North Carolina.

We have been blessed with two daughters, Laura and Beth.  Laura is married to Brian King and both are Occupational Therapists.  They have a son, Connor, 10, and reside in Asheville, NC - only an hour away.

Our younger daughter, Beth, and her husband Peter Allen, are both teachers.  they have two sons, Jackson 8 and Cooper 3, and reside in Greensboro, NC about 4 hours away.

We both enjoy hiking, sea kayaking, and travel.  I volunteer at church, continue to study fiber arts, weave, knit and care for the "grand boys" when I can.  I have enjoyed two bridge clubs for 30 years.  My interest in health and wellness continues.
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