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Margaret Anderson (Gwynne)
6316327608 professor Married 3

Like Jane Thomas, I found trying to summarize 50 years of one’s life in a paragraph an interesting challenge! Here goes. Graduated from Brown in 1962 and married Tom Gwynne (also Brown ’62). Tom went directly into US Air Force pilot training (this was before Vietnam … didn’t seem like such a bad idea at the time) and became an F-4 fighter pilot; sent to war in 1965, returning in 1966. By then, I was a (stay-at-home) mother. In 1968, Tom was hired by Grumman Aerospace on Long Island to help design the Lunar Module. Now with two daughters, we bought a big old Victorian fixer-upper (where we still live), moving temporarily to Cape Kennedy for the first lunar-landing space mission in 1969. I entered grad school in 1970 and eventually got a Ph.D. in Anthropology; our third daughter was born in 1971. After the last lunar-landing mission, Tom stayed with Grumman as a test pilot, and job he held for the next 20-some years, test-flying all of Grumman’s hardware and becoming their chief F-14 test pilot; another temporary move in 1976 took the five of us to Iran, which had purchased F-14s from the US government. Tom retired from Grumman in 1997, but soon returned to work full-time as VP for Programs at the Cradle of Aviation Museum on Long Island. Meanwhile I’d joined the Anthropology Dept. at Stony Brook University as a professor in 1982, but took numerous semesters off from teaching in the 1980s and 1990s to do consulting work in developing countries in my specialty, medical anthropology/international public health. We’re both still working. Our three girls, their husbands, and our 6 grandchildren live in CA, MA, and TX, but we see them often. When we retire, we plan to spend winters in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, where we have a condo, but we don’t know a soul down there -- so I’d love to find out if any SHS ’58 graduates live nearby.

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James (Pete) Peterman
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7045335555 Retired Married 2

    My family moved to Summit from Maryland at the beginning of my 7th grade year, August 1952.  After the 6 difficult years of junior and senior high school, I enlisted the Navy.  They sent me right back to school.  But this time I applied myself and became a pretty good aircraft mechanic.  At the end of my enlistment, I returned to Summit but soon realized there was no reason for me to stay there.  I escaped to the Washington, DC area in 1963.  (Out of frying pan into to fire.)  I moved around from place to place, job to job, playing fender bass in a part-time band, fully living up to most of my former teachers’ expectations for me.

    On November 1, 1964, I drove my dirty car to a car wash and there, by God’s grace met the bee-you-tiful, Maryjean Hadden, the woman who was to change my life.  Evidently, she saw some potential in me that everyone else had overlooked up until that time. “Change my life” was an understatement.  She straightened my little hiney right out!!.  It wasn’t long before this old boy had found a respectable job at a bank, paid off debts, quit staying out late (except with her) and quit the band.  We married on March 4, 1967.

     Life was good.  Location was bad.  Living inside the beltway had more downs than ups.  In 1968 we decided to move to Charlotte, NC.  I applied and was accepted for a position at a bank and we moved south, burning all bridges behind us.  We bought our first home and got involved in the neighborhood and local politics.  The first of two daughters, Patti, was born in December 1972. The quality of life was real good.

    My political involvement opened the door for an appointment to a responsible position in state government, serving at the pleasure of the Governor. So in 1973 I closed the door on my banking career and moved up. Our second daughter, Karen, was born in December 1974.

    Knowing that my appointment would end in January 1977, we started to plan and dream for our future.  Everything fell right into place.  In December 1976 we bought our first motor home, sold the house and one car and moved out of the house into the Winnebago.  What didn’t fit went into storage.  We hitched up the Volkswagen, packed up the kids, ages 2 & 4, and hit the road, destination uncertain.

    We moseyed around the country for the rest of 1977, seeing and doing everything we wanted, meeting a lot of nice folks and visiting friends and relatives. It was a truly wonderful experience! Not finding any particular place we would rather live, we returned to North Carolina at the end of the year.

    After we got back I had 2 jobs.  The first one didn’t work out and the second one was worse. I didn’t fit well into somebody else’s family business.  They fired me on Friday at 5:00 PM on mothers’ day weekend.  Thirty-seven years old, a wife and 2 kids, a new house under construction and no job; but I soon learned that God doesn’t throw His children in the river without also thro     wing in a life preserver.  A dear friend encouraged me to pursue a business idea.

    Now in North Carolina, being primarily an agricultural state, growing poultry was starting to be a big business.  We found a piece of land and built couple of chicken houses.  It wasn’t long before we were doing very well.

    You know, chickens grow to maturity in 7 to 8 weeks.  It seemed that we’d barely get the baby chicks in the house when we’d be loading them on the truck for the last ride to the poultry packing plant.  On one of these trips I had a revelation.  Why not grow out a load of chickens right on the truck?  That way we would save the cost of poultry houses and would only have to load and unload one time. So after some rigging and some trial and error, we were raising chickens on several chicken trucks.  We had just one major problem: chicken litter!!!  We solved it this way: late at night we’d drive the chickens up and down the highways. The wind would blow the litter off the trucks onto the road. Cars and trucks coming by later and the next day would blow the litter to the shoulders of the road. Problem solved! Now, if you’ve ever gone down a road behind a chicken truck, it was probably ours.  We do apologize for the odor and thank you for helping to spread the litter.

    Well, we also began to notice that the grass on the sides of the roads got real green and healthy.  To make a long story short, we went to the state highway dept. and they gave us a contract to fertilize the shoulders of the state roads.  So we kept adding chickens and more trucks and were taking in so much money that 4 lawyers and 7 accountants couldn’t spend it all.  We now have chickens and trucks in 7 states.

    An old friend suggested I invest in some of my profits in cheap west Texas land.  So I did.  So what do you do with Texas Land that has no oil on it?  You raise cattle!  I hired my friend’s son as an apprentice (Trump got that idea from me) and charged him with the responsibility of learning all about raising cattle and come back to me with a business plan, which he did.  He learned that in order to breed and raise fine beef cattle you had to have some really fine bulls.  So we started going to state fairs in search of prize bulls and bought most of the finest available for 3 straight years.  Turns out that I had pretty much cornered the market on fine bulls, so other breeders wanted to buy bulls from me. I didn’t sell because I found out I could make more money by leasing the bulls for definite short terms.

    So I started shipping bulls all over the US and Canada and eventually, all over the world.  I would, for example, collect fee and surety in advance and put 2 dozen bulls on a freighter and ship them to Australia or Malaysia and have them back 8 to10 weeks.

    I told you all that just to tell you this: I have been bull-shipping for the last five paragraphs.  I sure hope you had that figured out before now.  I learned to do this at Summit High school in English class.  They called it “Creative Writing”.

    If you want to know the real story, ask me.  See you at the reunion!


Pete (Fred) Peterman


 PS:. The above is dedicated to Miss Edith Stewart who awarded me the lousy grades I truly deserved.

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Brant Sayre
6033295272 Retired Married 2
 After graduating from Dean Jr. College and attending Fairleigh Dickinson and Rutgers nights, I went into the Navy aboard a destroyer during the Cuban missal crisis--boy was that fun! In 1965, after my Navy stint, I married Louise who I met in college.
 In 1965, I started my career in the drug industry. In 1968 I was asked to move to New England to establish a new pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts as plant manager.  The next 32 years I was Director of Operations for a mid-size pharmaceutical company and retired in 2000.  That year Louise & I moved to Hampstead, NH on a small lake and not far from our only grandson. 
 Louise and I have two children.  Jennifer graduated from Keene State College and is a Sports Medicine Coordinator.  She and her husband have one child.  Andrew graduated from the University of New Hampshire. He and his wife are over the road truckers. 
 Louise and I have been fortunate to enjoy the last 15 years traveling around the world and hopefully we can continue for a few more years. 
 After owning a 1924 Model T, a 1951 Ford convertable and a 1956 Austin Healey, I sold them and now own a boat and do a lot of boating and waterskiing on our lake.
 For those classmates that weren't on the "straight & narrow" my Dad, the Police Chief, passed away in September of 2005 at the age of 97.  He was also a Summit High School graduate--class of 1926. 
 Life is good--see you all in October!
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Susan Veazie (Landis)
7176272814 retired Married

I graduated from Western College in Ohio and after several years of floundering around landed in Philadelphia, where I met my husband, Glenn, a physical science teacher, and worked as a medical secretary/editorial assistant at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. For many years we combined apartment living in the city and later in Swarthmore with wonderful weekends and vacations in a trailer on 80 acres of partially cleared land in the Endless Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.  

Glenn's large extended family welcomed me wholeheartedly despite my odd (North Jersey, non-Mennonite) background. This was a blessing especially after Jane died in 1970.  After retiring from Penn in 1986, I worked part-time as a typesetter/proofreader for our local newspaper.  

We have been "fully retired" and living in Lititz, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for 16 years now-- a beautiful little town with a top-notch public library where we put in a lot of volunteer hours. I'm in charge of the book-mending crew and-- my dream job-- selects the new adult fiction titles.  Glenn has survived metastatic lung cancer for seven years now and we recently celebrated our 40th anniversary.


Charlie Wolff
7723362920 Retired Married 2
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Barbara MacMaster (Wolff)
7723362920 Retired Married 2
I lived in New Providence through second grade and then moved to Summit, where I've lived until this past June.

Charlie Wolff and I were married in September, 1962.  We raised our two daughters, Whitney and Lindsey, in the Brayton School area; both girls graduated from SHS.

In 1995 we moved from the Brayton area to the Franklin School area, where we lived a few houses from Kathy Sharpe Zerweck.  Two years ago we moved into a rental apartment on Morris Ave and this past June we moved out of Summit.  But we plan to come back and visit every spring and fall.  

We live most of the year in Palm City, Florida and spend our summers in Edwards, Colorado (in the Vail Valley).  We're two hours from Boulder where our younger daughter, Lindsey, lives - she and David Reeder have two daughters, Riley (almost 3) and Darby (16 months).  Our older daughter, Whitney, lives in Talkeetna, Alaska - she and Paul Roderick have two daughters, Tatum (6½) and India (4½).

Looking forward to our 50th!
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Kathy Sharpe (Zerweck)
9082772789 3
I have had a lovely 50 years since graduation.

Roger (class of 1955) and I stayed in Summit to raise our three children - Diane, Jim and Jeff - and to enjoy the benefits of suburban living. 

While raising our children, I did volunteer work in their schools and in the community and , as they grew into young adults, I began working in retail .  I still work part time in a design/gift store. 

Summit continues to be a nice town in which to live.  There are some changes, of course, but it still feels good to be here.

As I practice my Yoga and other classes at the YW, I can look out the window to  "our" high school and almost smell the formaldehyde in Miss White's Biology class or see the fumes rising from the beakers in Doc Lukens' Lab.

Hope you will all try to join the celebration next month - 50 years of experiences and events and lots of memories!

Best to all

Kathy Sharpe Zerweck
Madeleine Toms (Volk)
7324857737 Events Coordinator Married 1
Bill and I left NJ in 2001 for Sunny South Florida. We live in a condo on the beach. It feels like we are on vacation all of the time.
Retirement is not all we thought it would be with out the purpose of work so we both took part time jobs. Bill works two days a week on the Pompano Beach Golf Course (free golf) and I work  three days as an events coordinator at the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce. I also volunteer for many different charities.  It is hurricane season so I will go where ever I am needed in an emergency.
I enjoy playing Texas Hold 'em and I am a Strutter for The Broward County Mummers.
Our daughter June has given us two Grandchildren, Meridith and Rhett. June is Sr. VP Creative Director for Harrison Star in NYC.
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Lorraine Wulff (Feingold)
5183064297 clinical social worker, retired Married 1
How to sum up my life post SHS in a few succinct paragraphs?  The easiest way is to count my blessings beginning with the present.  My husband Stanley and I have been retired for the past 10 years.  We split our time between 2 beautiful vacation communities-Bradenton, Florida and Saratoga Springs, New York.  My son, Mark, who is an electrical engineer, lives in Tokeyo with his wonderful Japanese wife.  We a looking forward to visiting Mark and our Japanese family in Japan this October.  My stepson Jon is a clinical psychologist and my stepdaughter Cari is an occupational therapist.  Our 2 year old granddaughter, Samantha, is a delight-bright, active, strong-willed, and extremely curious.

Prior to my retirement, I had a very interesting career as a clinical social worker.  After earning a BA from Elmira College, I obtained an MSW from Fordham School of Social Service.  A highlight of my career was serving as New York City's Senior Companion Program Director (United Neighborhood Houses was the sponsor) in the early 80's.  Little did I know that one day I would be a senior myself-how absolutely mind-blowing!  During this time, I was honored to serve as an NGO to the UN representing the International Federation of Settlements.  In this capacity, I was involved in helping to plan the 1980 World Assembly on Aging.  After earning a certificate in psychoanalysis from the Alfred Adler Institute, I became the program director for Treatment and Rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Support Services in Albany, NY-a large residential agency serving a chronic mentally disabled population.

Presently, I serve as a volunteer for the Guardian Ad Litem program in Florida which has allowed me to continue to use my professional skills to benefit dependant children in the juvenile court system by serving as their advocate.  In addition, I volunteer at the marvelous Ringling Museum in Sarasota, Florida.  To conclude, Stanley and I are very fortunate to lead such an interesting, full life rich with wonderful friends and family.
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Bob Wrathall
Profile picture
Profile picture
8315887352 Engineer Married 6
Lots happened. Lots still happening will fill it in later.

BS in physics from MIT

2 1/2 years in Austria for Church

Marriage to Janice
 2 children
 Janice MA in Lit
Ph.D. Physics from BYU

Move to Az. Radar Engineer
 4 children
 Integrated Circuit Engineer
 15 year pass

Move to NC
  Chief Technologist
  5 years pass

Move to California, near Santa Cruz
10 minutes from shore
  IC engineer
  2 startups
  5 companies
  16 years
  Children leave for everywhere
  12 grandchildren
 Janice passes away after 41 years

Marry Claudia with 2 Ph.D.'s
  both of us went to china on same week   
  for different business. Looks to be interesting.

  We met 35 years ago while I was a TA
  My youngest was her TA

  Mother passes away at 101.

Still chief technologist, sort of.

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