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Kathryn (Kay) Wallis
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2162285625 Retired Divorced
Attended Southern Seminary Jr. College, VA. and recieved an associates degree in Kindergarten Ed..  First job was Community Day Nursey in East Orange, N.J.  After 1 year I was off to "the big city" to live with a fellow college friend and her sister.  ( 3 years)  Worked at Reuben H. Donnelly (yellow pages div.,) Eastman Chemical Co., moved back to Summit.  Then got a job a Paul Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison, working my way from Receptionist, to purchaser of supplies and all Attorney luncheons to learning to become a para legal.  Then off to Ohio.  My sister, Barbara (class of 60) thought it would be a good change.  I've been here ever since 12/70. 
I was employed by Control Data/Ceridian for almost 21 years.  Worked from entry position to Network Admin. Mgr..  Then came the era of layoffs, downsizng and other corps. buying other corps..  It was a challenging 10 months of job searching at 55 yrs. of age.  I then worked for a small mfg. co. as H.R. Mgr..  Even though I had to take a large cut in salary , I was one of the fortunate ones, as some of my former co-workers never did find employment.
Througout my adult life I have volunteerd in some capacity and in varied fields of interest.
(Lakewood Hospital/Cleveland Clinic:supervisor of information desks, then on the the ER and trainig new volunteers there; Volunteer and working board member of Lakewood Arts Festival, Juried Art show with over 100 artisians from throughout the U.S.;  Stay Awhile Cat Shelter, volunteer and Trustee (this is the only non-euthanasia shelter in Cuyahoga co., largest co. in Ohio, and my current passion as a Volunteer Docent at The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  Throughtout, I have been active in my church, as an Elder, served as Deacon, and in teaching, VBS, study groups and Interfaith Hospitality Network (housing for homless families.  
Favorite places to visit: Cape Cod, And Scotland!
Love to read (usually 2 books at a time:1 for zoo appropriate for lulls while volunteering), when time permits, I enjoy working on needlepoint, counted cross stitch and quiliting projects.
I'm working on the Maternal side of ancestry with a cousin, whom I not heard from in close to 48 years.  It's a lot of fun and fascinating work. 
I made annual trips back to Summit when my folks were living, and always saw Judy B.Sutton.  I also saw Betsy, Robin, Ann G., & Buzzy.  I really do have fond, wonderful memories of my years in Summit!
I am looking forward to returing for our 50th H.S. reunion. Kay
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Jane Thomas (Warren)
6106496548 retired Divorced 2
Fifty years in a few short paragraphs -- a challenging assignment!  But here goes:  a whirlwind tour of my adulthood, just as my second childhood is setting in.


I entered college intending to study French so I could travel.  Though I soon changed my major, I nevertheless spent a summer in Europe before graduating.  En route I met an appealing young man who also loved to travel, and later we married.  When he took a job with an international company, I hoped we’d get to live overseas for a while.  That never happened (our most distant home was in Missouri), but we traveled widely and repeatedly anyway.  We also passed along the voyager’s itchy foot to our children, who in some ways have already surpassed us;  our daughter has visited more continents, and our son was the first of us to visit Alaska.  In Y2K I celebrated my divorce by spending four months vagabonding solo all around Western Europe.  

So much for my most enduring ambition.  When not on the road, I’ve pursued a hodgepodge of jobs and other interests, though I now identify myself as an artist if people ask what I do.  In the past I’ve been (in chronological order) a teaching assistant at Harvard Business School, an office manager in Guatemala City, a dean’s assistant at Cornell, an editor of journal articles and textbooks, an exhibiting sculptor and photographer, the organizer of several interest groups which meet at my house, and a longtime skiing and cycling enthusiast.  My contributions to Rumson NJ, where I raised my kids and lived for 30 years, included vastly expanding the region’s recycling efforts, redesigning the elementary-school gifted program, meddling in high-school politics, and helping to run a community education program for residents of all ages.  Meanwhile, of course, I’ve also enjoyed the perks and filled the myriad caretaker roles of wife, mother, grandmother, and adult daughter / step-daughter.  (Late in life my mother married the father of Art White, SHS ’57.) 

Now my children are on their own, my twice-widowed mother has left Summit, and I’ve moved from my longtime Monmouth County home (almost within spitting distance of the ocean) to the suburbs of Philadelphia (a city teeming with music, art, theater, and other delights).  I’m as busy as ever, and I’ve found a wonderful man who shares many of my interests.  Life is good!

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Albert (Al) Balph
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3178487598 Semi Retired Married 5

Hi Everyone:
Figured I would let u know what happened to me since I didn't show up for my senior year. My dad got transferred to Indiana between our Jr and Sr year. I really missed everyone my last year since I went to school with most of you since grade school.

After graduation here in Indy, I went to Purdue Univ until 1960. 

From 1960 to 1964 I was in the service stationed in Japan, Korea and some other far east places (during the Vietnam era)

I was discharged in Savannah Ga where I was a County Deputy Sheriff for a few years. 

I moved back to Indy in '68 and have been an over-the-road trucker until I retired in '99. 
Since 2005 I have been a D.O.T road tester
and recovery agent for Marten Trans. of Mandovi, Wi.

I got married to Jackie in 1981 and we have yours, mine and ours. (5 altogether)

I have asked Carol to post several other pix of me and whatever in the photo album section since I'm not too good at this computer stuff.

See you all at the reunion             al 

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Wolfgang Wilhelm
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7326578670 Retired Married 2
I have so many good memories from Summit High School.  I immigrated from Germany and entered  seventh grade without any knowledge of English or American customs.  The students and faculty were so helpful. I will not forget those years. After graduation I completed my apprenticeship in Tool and Die Making. This trade served me very well until retirement four years ago. My wife Ruth and I have been married since 1966 and lived most of our married life in Mountainside, NJ, not far from our old alma mater. We have two children - a son Eric who resides in Brooklyn and a daughter, Amy, who lives with her husband and stepson in Madison, NJ. Both children graduated from major universities. We live in The Renaissance Active Adult Community in Manchester, NJ, where we are fortunate to enjoy the "Golden Years" with travel, golf, and many activities. I no longer ride my motorcycle but do still play the accordion from time to time. Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful reunion weekend.  Send Wolfgang a MessageSend Wolfgang a Message
Peter Eddy
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9736940800 Attorney Married 2
After graduating from Colgate and Rutgers Law School I clerked for the Superior Court Judges in Morristown, New Jersey. Then a brief stint in the USMC and into private practice with a law firm in Wayne, New Jersey where I have remained for over thirty-five years.
I married Susan Stanley in 1973 and we have daughter, Hilary Eddy Stipelman who graduated from Smith and Bank Street College with a Masters in education. She is an educator with the Anne Frank Museum in NYC. Hilary married a college professor who is conducting his first college classes as I type. My other daughter, Stephanie graduated for Wesleyan and is a Vice President for King of Shaves, a British Company with operations in the USA. King of Shaves shaving gel is highly recommended for those with sensitive skin like Mr. Wolff. Mrs. Eddy keeps very busy in the Sarah Palin tradition as an executive editor with a NYC publishing operation.
My spare time is absorbed by staffing Tamarack Farm, a modest cattle operation in Tewksbury Township, New Jersey. We also battle deer and ground hogs and other varmits in a related gardening venture. 
I look forward to our fiftieth, particularly since a glimpse of the prospective attendees includes many of my SHS favorites. 
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Nancy Casebolt (Christopher)
6035693649 Retired Widowed 2
After graduation from SHS I attended Centenary College with the intent of transferring and completing 4 years.  I wasn't far into my "higher education"when I realized I was (as one of our illustrious SHS faculty used to say) a pupil rather than a student.  However, since I still needed to be able to earn a living, I enrolled at Katharine Gibbs in Boston.  That was a particularly grueling year but combined with my degree from Centenary, I turned into a better than average secretary and over the years I had some great jobs which I was able to combine with raising two children as basically a stay-at-home mom.  When our 16 year old son died in an automobile accident I realized how grateful I was to have been home for the short time we had him.  We also have an amazing daughter who lives in Ricmond VA and has boundless energy and talents which she puts to use to please herself as well as others.

Since my family moved to Connecticut in 1958 I haven't had much contact with either Summit or classmates.  On a visit to Phyllis Guest's I met my husband-to-be, Hal, and we married in 1963.  Fortunately he liked NH and my family's island vacation home because that came as part of the package.  Forty-five years later and retired, we divide our time between Wolfeboro and Williamsburg, VA and love both places.  We love to travel and have done quite a bit, beginning when the children were young.  Now our daughter wants to know why all our trips are not family vacations and include them.

At this point Hal is pretty sick with Cancer so it is unlikely we will be able to attend the reunion but my thoughts will be with you.  I know it will be great fun and I will miss catching up with you all.

Since the reunion Hal passed away and my life has become a whole new world.  I would like to hear from former friends and anyone who lives near Williamsburg VA or Lake Winnipesaukee in NH.
Margot Ahlers (Lundquist)
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Married 2

I feel a bit as though I’m crashing the party, but enthusiastic Georgi was so happy about finding me that I’ll join you here on this wonderful website anyway!


I left SHS in tenth grade to go to Kent Place School. Looking back, it was probably a good idea – but I always felt that you folks were having more fun! Actually Jean Wilkinson MacDermid and I were both shanghaied by our parents…but back in those days we did pretty much as our parents wished, didn’t we? I did know so many of you, though – we went to Lincoln School together, and junior high, and Girl Scouts, and Sunday school, and YWCA, and Hobby Hall dancing school…..


I got a BA in English, and eventually an MS in Library Science, but my life’s path changed when I went to Europe in 1962 and met this really interesting Swedish engineering student. Leif and I were married in 1963, and except for six years in the US in the late sixties and three years in Holland in the early seventies, have lived in Sweden ever since.


We have two children, Johan and Sofia, and four blond grandsons, the oldest five and the youngest just born (in August.) Leif’s retired (though he seems to be working as hard as ever; he’s written two books, set up several websites, etc.)  I found a wonderful niche as a translator, and still work part-time electronically, from wherever I am. Anyone need anything translated from Swedish to English? Get in touch with me!


We spend the major part of the year in our waterfront home on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, and shorten the cold, dark Swedish winters by spending January-April in Tucson AZ. The best of both worlds! Are there any SHS ‘58ers in Tucson?


I still love to read and abhor exercise (and pay for that with a shape that’s even less sylphlike than previously!) I’ve acquired dual citizenship and a lot more chutzpah … as well as hearing aids, tooth implants, support stockings, and hair that’s gone totally white. But I’m sure I share some of these latter attributes with many of you.


I’ll check in here now and then – I’d love to hear from those of you who remember me!


And to David Lundquist: I think of you sometimes, as my oldest grandchild is named David (Johan) Lundquist. When did your forebears make the trip across the Atlantic?


Margot (Ahlers) Lundquist

Vaxholm, Sweden

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Bonnie Burke (Ludlow)
7322949501 Married 1
Left Summit for Elmira College a small liberal arts womans' college focusing on encouraging women to challenge the glass ceiling---to be what we deemed to be. It was an exciting time--civil rights demonstrations and work on the JFK Presidential campaign (got to meet him and Robert in Syracuse due to my obsessive work on that campaign). Left Elmira to work at several residential treatment centers, in an attempt to figure out what was next. Was awarded a full living stipend for the MSW program at NYU and spent 2 years learning a craft I was born to do. Then, BCW in NYC's Foster Home Care (my specialty--seeking and returning children to their natural parents when possible), and later, a return to my training agency in Eatontown, N.J. as a clinician/supervisor/consultant to other agencies. My son Jerry was born during this time, while husband Tom Ludlow ( SHS '57) was still working in Coney Island as a community organizer. Later became Director of an HEW child abuse/neglect project in Elizabeth, N.J., one of the first OCD funded programs in the country. It was exhausting but incredibly exciting work--we were at the forefront and had the money to experiment with new ways of helping children and families. I was also lucky to have the support of a great day care center for my son Jerry---I was their trainer/ consultant and had literally trained everybody on staff. What a back up for me! Left the project just before its 3 year end to start a private practice out of my home, available to my son in an emergency while still doing the work I loved---therapy for children (especially adolescents), adults, and families. Moved offices but still at the practice, where Tom has since joined me after a career in community organization, drug and alcohol counseling, and supervision/administration. Jerry is married and lives in Las Vegas. He's a computer analyst; Carrie is a teacher in the largest Title I program in the country. Our life is full: marked by work, the support of great friends, and mellowed by our great escape to the Adirondack mountains of NY and, once a year, Captiva, Fla. Send Bonnie  a MessageSend Bonnie a Message
Bill Amberg
4805029180 Psychologist Married 3
Wow, 50 years! After Springfield College I was honored to serve in the Navy as an officer and deep sea diving specialist.
Mary Estelle and I were married in 1965 and together spent 3 years in Utah, she as a teacher, me as a graduate student earning an M. A. and ED. D. Thank goodness for the G. I. Bill!
We spent 5 years in Flagstaff, AZ. where I was Asst. Prof. of Psychology at NAU.
Realizing that it would be diffiicult earning a living as a Prof., we joined a  management consulting firm, officed in downtown L. A.
After 15 years and commutes as long as 3 hours one way, we were relieved to return to Arizona, this time to the "Valley of the Sun," where I formed Management and Organizational Psychologists Inc. I still do consulting and facilitate CEO groups for Vistage International.
We have three wonderful married adult kids and 4 grand children and now travel a lot. My motto is "any time, any place, for any reason." We again have a place in Flagsaff, which at 7000' provides cool summer breaks from Phoenix heat. We golf, and get beach time 4 hours drive time away in Rocky Point, Mexico. We have been very lucky. Life is good and often too short! Friends and family make the difference. See you soon! And
Go Diamondbacks! ( we kind of ignore the Cardinals), but congratulate the N. Y. Football Giants!
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Barbara Saler (Brennan)
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retired Married 2

After graduating, my family moved to Rochester and I graduated from Syracuse where I met my husband of 46 years.  Our first home was in Norfolk, VA where Tom was in the Navy and I taught Special Education. We then moved to Scotch Plains, NJ; Tom commuted into the City and I became “a stay at home Mom” raising our 2 daughters and volunteering in a variety of activities.


A job transfer brought us to Denver in 1978 and we have loved living in this beautiful state ever since. We are now retired after owning and then selling a business.  We love visiting our daughters and two grandsons and traveling to far away places around the globe. 


I will not be attending the reunion but I wish you all the very best!

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